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Chevrolet : Camaro 1980 Z28 350 and 4 speed original buildsheet drivetrain and body panels silver on red


Thomaston, Maine

Year 1980

Make Chevrolet

Model Camaro

Category Convertible

Mileage 63057

Posted Over 1 Month

Before you ask, let me first say that; yes, this 1980 Z28 Camaro just recently sold on eBay. That is the good news. The bad news is that the winning bidder never paid and now I have to relist my Camaro. I know some potential bidders will feel that the car did not sell due to some issue that caused the winning bidder to renege on their obligation to purchase the car. However, please look at my feedback and be 100% assured that that is not the case. The only loser here is me, who thought the car was sold but instead had to wait for over a week, prior to relisting, to receive a refund from eBay due to a non-paying bidder. I received the refund tonight hence the reposting of my ad. So here we go again... To start with, let me first say that I understand that there is a lot of information in my ad. I also understand that this may be boring to the person who is just looking and not buying. However, for the person who is looking to buy and spend their hard earned money, I feel that there is never too much information.As to myself, I am not a dealer, just a (65) year old kid that loves muscle cars. For my work, I recently retired from managing a Correctional Facility here in Maine and had worked for the Maine Department of Corrections for (40) years. I am also a respected member of my community. I mention this only because of the value of this car and so that prospective buyers will have some idea as to who they are dealing with. Also, please check out my eBay feedback which is 100% with (1,134) transactions. INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS ARE WELCOME WITH A DOWN PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL AND THE BALANCE VIA WIRE TRANSFER ONLY. I ALSO HAVE INTERNATIONAL BUYER REFERENCES FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO CHECK. Some Brief History on the 1980 Z28 Camaro: After two years of watching the Ford Mustang enjoy tremendous success, on September 26, 1966, General Motors finally launched its entry into the pony car segment, the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro. Although available with a mediocre six cylinder for volume sales, the Camaro could be equipped with several V8s and a myriad of performance options. Chevrolet stated that the "Camaro" was named after the French word for "comrade." The Camaro was available from the start in hardtop coupe and convertible body styles. Love it or loathe it, the Camaro Z/28 is one of the most popular muscle cars ever produced. For years, these cars got more exposure than the gang from Orange County Choppers, but today it seems they've fallen on hard times, suffering the cost of that 15 minutes of fame Andy Warhol warned everyone about. Be that as it may, these cars have reached their historical low in terms of pricing. The Z/28 represented the best Detroit had to offer in the early 1980s, and an excellent entry point, given today's heated muscle car market. The sales brochure summed it up: "The 1980 Camaro Z/28 has sleek, crisp styling with show-stopping good looks, unmistakable zest for hugging the road and capturing the heart, and a flair for moving through life with style." The 1980 Z28 was the last that you could order with the quintessential muscle car power-train combination - a V-8 with a four-speed transmission. Regardless of their shortcomings, the 1980 Z/28 was a superb handling car with plenty of luxury if you were willing to foot the hefty price tag. The base price of a 1980 Z/28 was $7,121.32, quite steep 35 years ago. 1980 Camaro Production totals: Style Production # % of Total Pace Car 3,675 1.3% Convertibles 15,573 5.6% Z28 20,302 7.2% SS 36,309 13.0% RS 40,977 14.6% Base 165,226 58.8% Total 280,858 Now for your consideration of this beautiful original drivetrain, original body panel, 1980 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. This is a true three owner Z28 Camaro with the previous owner purchasing the car in 1983. He has loved this Z28 Camaro and kept it stored and safe for the past 32 years. He has never abused it or driven it in inclement weather. The Z28 had approximately 30,000 miles on it when it was purchased and now has 63,057 miles on it. That equates to a little over 1,000 miles per year. His intention was always to give the Z28 to his daughter but life changes and he decided it was time to pass the Camaro on to another owner, using the funds from the sale for other endeavors. That’s where I come in. I saw the Z28 setting on the side of the road for sale and almost did not stop, as I assumed it was an automatic. For some reason, I turned around and went back only to find that it was an original 4-speed Z28 and that is what sold me. As with all of the cars that I sell on eBay, the easiest way for a prospective buyer to get a sense for my cars is with tons of information and loads of photos and a video. Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them and respond ASAP. nt-size:16.0pt">Here is the link to the video: The 1980 Z28 Camaro Comes With the Following: · Same 2nd owner last 32 years; · Factory original LM-1 Corvette engine (VIN stamped); · Factory original 4-speed transmission (VIN stamped); · Factory original posi rear axle; · Unmolested with no modifications (Accept one repaint and headliner.); · Rust free original body panels, floors, trunk, rocker panels and frame rails; · Hurst Shifter Handle; · Silver exterior; · Carmine red bucket seat interior; · Front disc brakes; · Power steering; · Factory A/C; · Much more. VIN Number: 1P87LAN523799 VIN Number Decode: 1 Chevrolet P Z28 Camaro 87 2-Door Coupe L 350ci V8 A 1980 N Norwood Assembly Plant 523799 Sequential Number Body Tag: 80 11A 1FP87 N 03852 74R 15L 15U 74A L A51 Z28 CA1 540235 Body Tag Decode: 80 1980 11A 1st week of November 1979 1FP87 1 GM F Camaro P Sport Coupe 87 Hardtop N Norwood Ohio Assembly Plant 03852 Sequential Body Number 74R Carmine Vinyl Standard Interior 15L Silver Lower Body Color 15U Silver Upper Body Color 74A Red Z28 Stripe L Lacquer Paint A51 Bucket Seats Z28 Z28 Camaro CA1 Carmine Instrument Panel and Steering Column 540235 Plant Batch CodeBuild Sheet Factory Options:TGA Tinted Windshield with Antenna; A01 Tinted Glass; B77 Windshield Black Molding; B80 Roof Drip Molding; B81 Body Side Ornamentation Delete; B89 Reveal Molding Ornamentation Z28; B97 Rear Wheel Spoiler Z28; C60 Air Conditioning; D35 Mirrors, sport right and left remote exterior; D80 Rear Spoiler; D88 Z28 Stripes; D92 Tape, Door Handle Décor; F41 Suspension, Special Performance Front & Rear · 6AF - 6MF - Spring - Front LH · 7AF - 7MF - Spring - Front RH GU4 Rear Axle 3.08 Ratio; J50 Power Brakes (Included With Z28); K77 55 Amp Alternator; LM1 Engine, 350ci, 190hp V8 (required Z28); · Overhead-valve V8; · Bore and stroke of 4.00 x 3.48 inches; · Compression ratio of 8.2:1; · Hydraulic lifters; · Rochester M4ME four-barrel carburetor; · 190 horsepower at 4,200 rpm; · 280 foot-pounds of torque at 2,400 rpm; · Exclusive to the 1980 Z28 Camaro and not available in any other model. M21 4-Speed Close Ratio Transmission; NA5 Federal Emissions System; N65 Space Saver Spare Tire; N90 Aluminum Wheels; OGR Tires, P225/70 x 15 white letter (Z28) T93 Special Tail Lamps Z28; UN9 Radio Suppression Equipment; UP7 Radio Provisions – monaural; 74A Red Number Two Stripe Z28; U14 Special Instrumentation; U35 Electric Clock; U69 AM/FM Pushbutton Radio; U76 Windshield Type Antenna; U80 Rear Seat Speaker; VK3 Front License Plate Mounting Bracket; V08 Heavy Duty Radiator Cooling System; Z28 Special Performance Package: · 350ci V8 engine upped to 190bhp, the most since 1974; · New 4-speed manual transmission; · 10.34 inch clutch; · Salisbury-type semi-floating 10-bolt with 8.5” ring gear and posi unit; · 1.125” diameter front stabilizer bar; · 0.625” rear stabilizer bar; · 3-bar graphics; · 3-hue design; · Raised functional hood scoop; · Non-louvered air outlets on front fenders; · Silver N-90 15” x 7” wheels; · P225/75R-15 tires. 74R Carmen Vinyl Interior; 15L Silver Exterior Paint; 14P Silver; 2-Door Standard Camaro; 6KU Left Front Spring; 7KU Right Front Spring; 8LB Left Rear Spring; 9LB Right Rear Spring; UW Rear Shocks. Important Casting Numbers and Stampings: · Original 350 Block; Casting Number: 14010207 This was also used as an alternate block for the 1980 Corvettes. · Original 350 Block; Stampings: T1107CEU 1PN523799 § T Tonawanda Assembly Plant § 1107 November 7, 1979 § CEU 1980 350ci/190bhp Z28 Camaro § 1 Chevrolet § P Z28 Camaro § N Norwood Plant § 523799 Matching Sequence Number · Transmission Casting Number: 13-04-065-904" 1980 Z28 Camaro Borg Warner 4-Speed · Transmission VIN Number Stamp: 1AN523799 § 1 Chevrolet § A 1980 Assembly Plant § N Norwood Transmission VIN Stamping § 523799 Matching Sequence Number · Original Cylinder Heads; 14020517 350ci · Original Intake Manifold Casting Number; 14014440 1980 Z28 Camaro · Original Carburetor; 17080207 § 170 1976 and Later Carburetor § 8 Built for 1980’s Car § 0 Built for a 1980 Model Year Car § 2 4BBL Carburetor § 0 Built for Chevrolet Division of GM § 7 Built for Manual Transmission Car 2929 · 292 October 19, 1969 Build Date · 9 1969 CPP Production Code · Original Distributor; 1103284 1980 Z28 Camaro With Manual Transmission 9K 5 9 1969 K October 1969 (Letter I not used.) 5 5th Week of October 1969 (Letter I not used.) · Original LH Exhaust Manifold Casting Number; 381963 1980 350ci § K 1 9 November, 1st Week · Original RH Exhaust Manifold Casting Number; 346248 1980 350ci · Original Air Conditioning Pump: Model 1131191 1980 Camaro · Rear Axle Code: 2PC311 2 2PC Matches box 11 (axle) on the build sheet. PC 3.08 Axle Ratio 311 Wednesday, November 7, 1979 2 2nd Shift · Original Radiator: Code AR 0 on tag. § AR Heavy Duty Cooling System § 0 1980 · Appears to be Original Wiper Motor; 4960951 54 9 1B Exterior: The Z28 Camaro still retains all of the rust free, factory original body panels. It was repainted once back in the early 1990’s buy the top body shop in the area. Just recently, I had the front passenger’s side fender fixed/repainted due to a parking lot “hit and run” that occurred many years ago and was simply not addressed by the previous owner. There was a small dent and scratch that I simply had to fix even though it wasn’t a big deal. The car looks very nice in the red stripe on silver paint color combination of which only 9.5% of the 1980 Z28 Camaros were painted. The front and rear bumpers are in very good condition as well as all of the trim work. The door handles and the side mirrors are also in very good condition. Marker lights, tail lights and bezels are all very good with no cracks or pitting. All glass is factory original and considered to be in good condition with no cracks. Interior: The Carmine (red) interior is in good overall condition considering that it is factory original and 35 years old. The seats are in good condition as you will see in the photos with one rip in the driver’s seat. (See photos) The door panels are also in good condition with minimal wear and fading. The door and window hardware is in good working condition. The headliner was replaced many years ago with what appears to be a red checkerboard design with no rips or sagging. The carpet appears to also be original and is in good condition. The dash has no warping or fading. The center console looks great with no cracks or staining. All factory belts are present and in good condition. Door locks and windows are in good working order with good window whiskers and weather stripping. Engine: The original VIN stamped factory installed 1980 Z28 Camaro RPO LM-1 5.7-liter (350ci/190bhp) engine sits in the engine bay and has never been removed or rebuilt. The VIN number and the correct CEU stamp as well as the corresponding correct date code are present. The engine still retains the following factory parts: · Block; · Cylinder heads; · Intake manifold; · Carburetor; · Exhaust manifolds; · Distributor; · Alternator; · A/C pump; · Radiator; · Wiper motor; · Power steering pump. There are no messy engine leaks or annoying exhaust puffing sounds within this Camaro’s engine compartment and the overall look is clean and neat in appearance. Transmission: The VIN stamped transmission is the factory original M-21 Muncie 4-speed with the factory original Hurst shifter attached. There are no leaks or funny noises and transmission shifts up and down through the gears as it should with no issues. Rear Axle: The rear axle is the factory original Salisbury-type semi-floating 10-bolt with 8.5” ring gear. It is a 3.03 posi unit. There are no funny noises, clunking or leaking observed Electrical: All exterior lights are in good working order to include the headlights, tail lights, running lights, blinkers, backup lights and the plate light. All interior lights are also in good working order to include the dash lights, blinkers, console gauge lights and overhead light. The heater, wipers, horn and all gauges are completely functional. The A/C unit has never been recharged since the previous owner purchased the car 31 years ago. He believes that it will need to be converted to the new R134 refrigerant and then it will work. A new AM/FM/Cassette radio has been installed in the original radio opening without cutting the dash. Trunk: The trunk is in very good condition but only has the jack assembly and tire iron present. There is no spare tire. Mechanical: The power steering and power disc brakes to include the emergency brake work correctly. The suspension is very good. The 1980 Z28 Camaro starts, shifts and drives down the road like it owns it. Undercarriage: The undercarriage is very nice showing no signs of rust or rot. Look at the extensive undercarriage photos which will display the undercarriage condition better than any description that I can conger up. Important ID Photos: You can see all of the important ID photos here and they are all decoded for your convenience. I have tried very hard through description, photos and video to present this 1980 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 honestly and fairly but may have missed something, so feel free to ask questions. Having said that, ask those questions before bidding and not after the auction ends and you are the winner of this 1980 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. Terms of Sale: This pre-owned vehicle is being sold "as-is, where is" with absolutely no warranties and/or guarantees either expressed or implied. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required in no more than 48 hours from the close of the auction via PayPal. (If you do not have PayPal let me know through eBay ASAP.) The remainder of selling price is due within (5) business days of the auction end. All funds must be in the form of cash, a cashier’s check, certified bank check or wire transfer. If there is no confirmation, the seller has the right to offer the vehicle to other bidders. The buyer is responsible for all transport costs. This auction and your bid/participation in this auction are binding contracts and will be dutifully, lawfully enforced. Seller reserves the right to end the auction early without any liability to the seller. FYI: There is no Maine title for this 1980 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 as Maine does not issue titles for vehicles that are more than (15) years old. I have sold cars all over the country as well as Canada, England, Switzerland and Australia and have never had a problem. The car will come with a Bill-of-Sale, the Maine registration form proving ownership, signed over to the new owner and a copy of the Maine law regarding title exempt vehicles, which is on a form issued by the Maine Motor Vehicle Department. THANKS FOR READING THIS LENGTHY AD. GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY BIDDING.

Trim Red Bucket Seat