Quigley 4x4 Ford E250 Stealth Camper Van cars for sale in Hammond, Indiana

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2007 Quigley 4x4 Ford E250 Stealth Camper Van Quigley 4x4 Ford E250  Stealth Camper Van

2007 Quigley 4x4 Ford E250 Stealth Camper Van Quigley 4x4 Ford E250 Stealth Camper Van


Hammond, Indiana

Category Van

Mileage 194000

Posted Over 1 Month

2007 Quigley 4x4 Ford E250 Stealth Camper Van First Quigley takes vehicle platforms and converts them, with a factory recognized 4x4 drive train. In this case they replaced the E250 axles with 4 wheel drive, E350 axles/springs, adding a transfer case (manual hubs). This is a 5.4L, 4speed auto with over drive. Towing capacity 5,600lbs, payload 3,700lbs with 30 gallon fuel tank. Air & cruise control. This unit has been converted, by myself, to be a STEALTH, GO ANYWHERE, travel van. Three solar panels providing 119v/30amps (+/-) energize an 80 amp Outback Solar controller. The Outback Solar controller (13.4v, 20amp +/-) charges three D 8 AGM batteries, 765 amps which power a Pure Sine 2.0, 2000 watt inverter/60 amp battery charger. The inverter provides 16.6 AC amp power running a frig, tv (5amps +/-). The electronics, with programming, can accommodate lithium-ion batteries. The 12V DC side provides power to a Wallace diesel cook top/heater, interior lights, exterior all side floods (4, one on each side of the van), along with flood/spot off road lights. Inside sink & outside shower fed by a 12 gallon water tank with pump, and a roof top mounted bi directional fan controlled by a thermostat. It has a side mounted (120v AC) house style plug in, which will allow the 60 amp inverter to charge the D8 batteries when not in use. A trickle charger charges the starting battery. This unit has made several trips from Northwest Indiana to Michigan, Upper UP, Wisconsin, NewPort News, VA., Bayou La Batrie, Al, and a 2019 trip starting in NWI to Seattle; Canada: BC, Prince Rupert, Whitehorse, Tok, Northwest Territories, Yukon; Alaska: Juneau, Fairbanks, Whittier and 2x into the Arctic Circle, and back to NWI. I will sell it with and/or without the electronics (solar panels, solar controller, inverter, batteries, tv/frig/, cook top/heater, water tank, pump, et. Al. … ) leaving the car siding found in side. A price adjustment would be made. Purchased another van I want to convert to a travel van. This vehicle is a go anywhere beast….. I’d drive it back to Alaska this summer if the borders weren’t closed. Not a distressed sale…. Title in hand. Video available upon request.