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2007 Quigley 4x4 Ford E250 Stealth Camper Van

First Quigley takes vehicle platforms and converts them, with a factory recognized 4x4 drive train. In this case they replaced the E250 axles with 4 wheel drive, E350 axles/springs, adding a transfer case (manual hubs).

This is a 5.4L, 4speed auto with over drive. Towing capacity 5,600lbs, payload 3,700lbs with 30 gallon fuel tank. Air & cruise control.

This unit has been converted, by myself, to be a STEALTH, GO ANYWHERE, travel van. Three solar panels providing 119v/30amps (+/-) energize an 80 amp Outback Solar controller.

The Outback Solar controller (13.4v, 20amp +/-) charges three D 8 AGM batteries, 765 amps which power a Pure Sine 2.0, 2000 watt inverter/60 amp battery charger.

The inverter provides 16.6 AC amp power running a frig, tv (5amps +/-). The electronics, with programming, can accommodate lithium-ion batteries.

The 12V DC side provides power to a Wallace diesel cook top/heater, interior lights, exterior all side floods (4, one on each side of the van), along with flood/spot off road lights. Inside sink & outside shower fed by a 12 gallon water tank with pump, and a roof top mounted bi directional fan controlled by a thermostat.

It has a side mounted (120v AC) house style plug in, which will allow the 60 amp inverter to charge the D8 batteries when not in use. A trickle charger charges the starting battery.

This unit has made several trips from Northwest Indiana to Michigan, Upper UP, Wisconsin, NewPort News, VA., Bayou La Batrie, Al, and a 2019 trip starting in NWI to Seattle; Canada: BC, Prince Rupert, Whitehorse, Tok, Northwest Territories, Yukon; Alaska: Juneau, Fairbanks, Whittier and 2x into the Arctic Circle, and back to NWI.

I will sell it with and/or without the electronics (solar panels, solar controller, inverter, batteries, tv/frig/, cook top/heater, water tank, pump, et. Al. … ) leaving the car siding found in side. A price adjustment would be made.

Purchased another van I want to convert to a travel van.

This vehicle is a go anywhere beast….. I’d drive it back to Alaska this summer if the borders weren’t closed.

Not a distressed sale…. Title in hand.

Video available upon request.

I'm interested


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calumet city, Illinois