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Lincoln : Continental Convertible 1966 lincoln continental convertible baby blue suicide doors

Lincoln : Continental Convertible 1966 lincoln continental convertible baby blue suicide doors


Galena, Ohio

Year 1966

Make Lincoln

Model Continental

Category Sedan

Mileage 34000

Posted Over 1 Month

This is a 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible that is baby blue with everyone's favorite... Suicide Doors! There were only about 3000 of these made in '66, so you do not see them very often as they are very rare, especially when in this condition. This car has all the power options and also the rare tilt steering wheel. Hagerty has this car valued at around 30K for the condition level 3 which I is about where I believe this car is at. Basically the car is too rare/nice to be a daily driver, but it is in great shape to head out on the road for to attend a classic car event/show.I bought this car roughly a year ago and have driven it around town and to a few shows, but lately I have been wanting to try something older, so I need to make space.The car gets a TON of attention, with people going so far as asking me to pull over to take pictures of it. People love the look of the car with the top down as it tucks the entire top into the trunk, and it uniquely reverses the trunk lid to raise and lower the top... people ask to see the top go up and down. I've had other cars from the 60's, but nothing get the attention like this one with the top down.The pictures here are of when I got the car a year ago and since then I have put new tires on it, repaired the power seats, repaired the lights, and replaced the steering box. I have also replaced the points/condenser with a modern timing system.Here's the important things about the car (what works and what doesn't)...- It looks great! Paint is in good condition with a few chips and cracks as it is getting old, but overall good shape.- Seats have been completely redone and look great!- Crack in dash at speaker location. This is VERY common on these cars.- Hardly any rust underneath. You can see all the original tack welds when the car was made... a very solid rust-free car!- The top goes up and down correctly. It works properly from the driver control or from the key control near the gas cap.- Everything in the car works... heater, vents, radio, antenna up/down, clock, lights.- All windows work from their local controls, but one window randomly has issues when using the driver control.- Heater works well, AC should work if you convert it to the modern type.- Windshield wipers work. No chips in windshield.- Engine runs strong, but it is leaking a little oil.- Steers very straight as I replaced the steering box.- New exhaust has been installed.- New Edelbrock 1406 carburetor installed.- Chrome is in decent shape, but there are a few rust areas on the front bumper that will need attention.- Some weatherstripping has been replaced, but some don't seem to stay put like they should. Sometimes need to tuck them back in.- The auto down/up on the back windows works as it should.- The hazard flasher switch doesn't work quite right. I have replaced it with a new one and it still has issues, so something else down the line must be wrong.- The convertible top is in good shape, but it needs adjustment to straighten it when up. It is currently sagging in the middle some at the hinge point and needs adjustment to tighten it. I have a manual that covers the top adjustment but I have not tried to adjust it yet.- The front passenger door has wood trim that pops out if you slam the door hard. This is due to a few of the little screws that hold it in have broken through and will not hold it tight. Working with some large washers, this could be fixed. I just tell my wife not to slam the door. :)- The horn works, but it is not very loud.Let me know if I can answer any questions or if you need any additional pictures.Please do not send any low-ball offers, and do not call offering to sell the car for me.Thanks for looking!

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