Cadillac Hearse cars for sale in Florence, Colorado

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Cadillac : Other M & M 100th Anniversary Model Hearse awesome Hearse-one of a kind 1971 Cadillac with Vanpires, Gouls, Goblins, Zombie

Cadillac : Other M & M 100th Anniversary Model Hearse awesome Hearse-one of a kind 1971 Cadillac with Vanpires, Gouls, Goblins, Zombie


Florence, Colorado

Year 1971

Make Cadillac

Model Miller-Meteor Hearse

Category -

Mileage 38900

Posted Over 1 Month

This unique car was used in Georgia for a haunted house Shocksville. The vinyl wrap cost them $3500. and is covered with a haunted house, ghouls, vampires, goblins, zombies, etc. Reportedly they owed the bank $8000. on it so the bank took it back It is a little scary and at Halloween we have had a blast with it. This hearse has been featured in parades and on T.V. for the Emma Crawford Coffin Races. It is the only one in the world like it and is world famous. It has been overhauled has a low mileage 500 cc engine, has new carb, and lots of other improvements which now exceeds $12,000 having just had the speedometer fixed. It still needs more-like the heat and A.C. and horn + other cosmetics like some minor rust here and there-nothing serious that I can tell...runs great-just went 90 m.p.h. in it trying to catch a plane in Denver. This hearse weighs in at 6500 pounds. It's great for delivery and for antique can get a whole dining room set in it from a yard sale. We put some magnetic stickers advertising our town Florence as the Capitol of Antiques as we sell dead people's stuff. I have used it for a daily driver so you could probably figure on driving it home-otherwise have it transported since it is constantly in need-now having the speedometer cable fixed and the hood locks put on . There are some newer tires that a friend wants $150.00 for the set of 4. I realize that this car has become a money pit having spent $12,000 so I'll be realistic and price it to sell and listen to this I will drive it right up to your front door free of transportation charges providing you are a serious buyer and prepay half of the money up front! The reason for this I sold a car once on ebay drove it across the country and the individual changed his mind so here are the rules: If you prepay half of the money for the car-there is no charge for delivery. The balance is due in cash upon delivery. If upon delivery you change your mind then there will be a non-refundable $500. deposit and $1.00 per mile round trip cancellation charge. When you bid on this car you agree to these conditions. I will deliver the car at no extra cost to you anywhere in the mainland U.S.A. within an agreed upon time. Remember I have over $12,000. invested in it and I am presently having the mechanic do more so the buyer will be pleased! It maybe the best investment you every made for your business! Hearses and hearse clubs are the latest craze-just look on the internet! I have owned a number of hearses and I loved everyone of them...Have some fun-you'll meet some great folks! You will be surprised! Here are a few: Denver Hearse Association Nightmare Cruisers Hearse Club Grim Rides Hearse Club Just Hearse N Phantom Coaches Hearse Club The Hearse Club - Facebook Hardcore Hearse Club If you enjoy attention, this is the car to drive," "I don't have to own a $95,000 Jaguar, just this old hearse. For the amount of attention you get per dollar, it's the best buy in town!" Another article that sums it up well is: 1971 was named the 100th Anniversary year for Miller-Meteor funeral cars and ambulances as their predecessor A.J. Miller had built it's first horse-drawn hearse in 1871. Cadillac introduced a totally new line of cars and Miller-Meteor introduced a totally new line of coaches.

Trim Chrome