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1949 Packard Station Sedan Wagon 1949 PACKARD EIGHT STATION SEDAN  Located in Suburban PHILADELPHIA

1949 Packard Station Sedan Wagon 1949 PACKARD EIGHT STATION SEDAN Located in Suburban PHILADELPHIA


Wilmington, Delaware

Year 1949

Make Packard

Model -

Category -

Mileage 4000

Posted Over 1 Month

“Ask the man who owns one too many.” 1949 PACKARD EIGHT STATION SEDAN A deluxe wooden powder keg of Detroit’s finest buttercream, this is a beautifully preserved, meticulously detailed, faithful example, done for the love of the project. A west coast car, sorted, strong and solid, this is Packard’s “Double-Duty Beauty,” fully dressed, with a handsome boatload of extras. KING OF THE CARRY-ALLS… HEAR, HEAR! QUEEN OF THE HIGHBALLS… HICCUP! Country club charm. Carry-all convenience. Grand as an Adirondack lodge. With luxurious seating for six and 21 square feet of cargo space, Packard’s “Double-Duty Beauty” chauffeured post-war giddy, tipsy ballroom-hopping parties all night long, into quiet, red-eyed retreats to field and stream come first light on the weekend. Whether hauling fishing kit and hunting rifles, or blue-ribbon flats of flowers for 4-H Club competitions, it is ruggedly constructed and dutifully well-rounded as an Octoberfest beauty queen tapping kegs of Olde Frothingslosh on a 1949 auto parts calendar page. No matter what adventure it inspired, it’s elegance and engineering is without a doubt, pure Packard. According to Robert J. Neal’s wonderfully researched publication, PACKARD 1948-1950, the utilitarian Station Sedan is a unique, rare model. This exclusive, bobbed boat tail beauty is one of 3,800 examples hand-built in a very limited run, before the model was discontinued by the end of 1950. How many survived almost seventy years of inevitable decay, neglect and Mother Nature’s entropy? I’ve seen recently that they make a super-deluxe ventilated chicken coop when the Terminix® contract is up, the wheels and glass are shot out into the weeds, frame down to the ground and only the glovebox will hold a day’s fresh eggs, because the rest fall past the upholstery carcass through floors of swiss cheese to the fox. ENDLESS HOURS. COUNTLESS HANDS. A FINE EXAMPLE FROM COAST TO COAST. This particular Station Sedan benefits from extensive preservation of it’s existing personality from caches of NOS spares and even more, the talent, enthusiasm and discretion of Packard Club members who built old and new back together, so seamlessly, that it’s soul remains intact. Since 2010: 4,000 miles after an extensive cosmetic restoration. 1,000 miles on current mechanical preservation. ( Danger! Run-on story and potholes of detail ahead. ) - VIN data plate G272898 ( CA DMV renumbered, long ago. Possibly on top of the Packard renumbering of Station Sedans up to three times before selling these slow moving, expensive models over three calendar years. ) - Series 2201 - Briggs body style tag: Model 2293-5025 - Firewall theft tracking number: 837728 - Paint Scheme: W ( Arizona Beige ) - Trim Code 614: Tan leatherette & pinstripe vinyl - 120-inch wheelbase - Gross weight: 4,080 attractive pounds Assorted date stamps: - Clock: 9-48 - PPG/Herculite/LOF Safety Plate glass:10-48 - Speedometer: 11-48 ( This car was a respectable restoration candidate over ten years ago with 70,000 miles on the clock. ) A COSMETIC RESTORATION SO EYES NEVER TIRE IN ADMIRATION. Mae West opined, a woman should cultivate her curves, “They may look dangerous, but they’ll be impossible to avoid.” This Station Sedan has become again a compelling feast for the eyes, making a Vargas pin-up break from the wooden fruit crate box utility that defined wagon design since the drawl of a horse. All Packards are famous for being a sight to behold. This car is no exception, possessing an organic shape that is as much a piece of minimalist sculpture as it is a sumptuous way to get from here to there. WOOD: About 2/3 of the original honey-toned wood was preserved with a few unsalvageable pieces used for templates blended in new maple. Stripped, sanded, stained and then finished with 15 coats of marine-grade polyurethane by San Diego woodie expert, Bowden Auto Body, Escondido, CA. All refinished sections were reinstalled as factory fit, with new 3M Di-Knoc used on the door panel and tailgate inserts. BODY & PAINT: Also at Bowden, all body panels were removed and completely disassembled for blasting, sanding, prime and paint, with new metal replaced only in a front floor section. Interior floor and door shells eventually coated in POR-15 and layered in sound dampener. Factory panel fit prevails with hardware, gasketing and seals as needed between all metal and wood. Oh, and Arizona Beige? It’s nothing but pure buttercream icing deep enough to slice. TRIM: All chrome and stainless ( except for dash components ) was removed and either re-chromed or polished by the best shop in Los Angeles, Van Nuys Plating, and it shows. All rubber seals around glass, windows, doors and vents were replaced using Steele Rubber products. The wood graining around the tin window trim was redone for all four doors and both rear compartment windows, six frames total. The dash is untouched, still lovely in it’s original wood grain and chrome jewelry. INTERIOR: A complete, new and correct interior was installed by a talented upholstery shop, Armand’s Auto Upholstery, Walnut Creek, CA, whose owner owned a Station Sedan and knew them well, having restored a few west coast examples with expertise. Seat fabric, door panels, kick panels, windlace, headliner, and rubber flooring were all replaced using correct materials. Seat frames were painted. The rear cargo area plywood and stainless luggage rails were refinished with beautiful, showroom effect without compare. A removable, square-weave, wool carpet is also installed over the original-style, ribbed mat rubber flooring. Overall, proper fit and finish throughout, very well done. Finished with seat belts for five and factory floor mats. From the hushed closure of the bank vault doors, the cabin is quiet, solid and as exceptional as the exterior. The seats are firm again. The windows mechanisms roll with ease. The glovebox is the only perfect square on the whole curvaceous car! Under the original wood-grained dash, seat adjustment, dash controls and pedal release, all mechanical and electrical controls are precise and move effortlessly, operating like new again. Under the dash is tidy, and stock, with NOS switches and rebuilt overdrive cable. The Victrola-sized tube radio was removed to ease access for new harness and improve around-town gas mileage. The only uninvited guest is a hidden toggle switch for the auxiliary, inline fuel-pump. CHASSIS: Underneath, the frame and body panels are exceptionally straight and clean, without signs of accident or repair. Thoroughly steamed cleaned and wire brushed from front to rear, with removal of loose undercoat and debris from entire front clip, wheel wells, across floor panels and rockers to under gas tank, then coated in only chassis black oil-based paint. Seams sealed, no surface rust, solid as the topside of the car. A MECHANICAL RESTORATION TO REINTRODUCE MOTOR TO CAR AND COMPANY. P is for power. Taking inspiration from the powerful reputation Packard earned from V-12s to Merlins, here’s the “fire-breathing” upgrade that the factory eventually proposed to accelerate the Station Sedan behemoth into a 23rd series. But history hadn’t been so kind. So better late than never. Out with the tired, original 288 and in with this fresh 327 engine rebuilt by Ross Miller of Speedwell Garage. Ross, a master mechanic and engineer, National Packard Club judge, forum advisor, international ambassador and overall skinned-knuckle, rolled sleeves, hands-on flywheel for all roadworthy endeavors in a Packard. 327 c.i. Thunderbolt H.O. head ( iron-1953 ) w/ 4-barrel Carter carb & manifolds 180 hp, 5 bearings, solid lifters Engine H402789, cast 5-24-49 ( H=23rd series, donated from a low-mileage Super ) Note: The anemic, original 288 c.i., 135 hp, 2-barrel, G267172 CE, dated 11-9-48 ( G=22nd series ) is available as a cheap core, or fully rebuilt, from Ross Miller, Speedwell Garage, Parton, MD 21120 ( 410-357-4561 ). With the M back in motor, every component also under the hood has been rebuilt or replaced with NOS and NAPA to give this car a complete, new start on a second life with renewed cooling, vacuum, heating, electrical and fuel systems. Nothing untouched, nothing left to guess, fiddle or curse. Other assorted mechanical chores crossed off: COOLING Radiator, heater core, fan and control valve thoroughly rebuilt, with fresh hoses and coolant. ELECTRICAL With rebuilt 6v starter, generator, the car starts immediately without any hesitation and drops to idle with all lights shining bright through a complete, new Rhode Island wire harness, bumper to bumper. New ignition components, battery, master kill switch and belts. All interior switches click and snap properly. The vacuum-operated wiper motor is rebuilt and functional again for the occasional cloudburst. WHEELS / SUSPENSION / DRIVETRAIN: Two tons of controlled stop, drop and roll…The front suspension is re-bushed and tight again along with new front and rear shocks, rear leaf springs and bushings. Alignment checked, the car stands perched on new Diamond Back radial white wall tires. Complete brake service with replacement of master cylinder, hoses, wheel cylinders, shoes and drums. Wheel bearings, axle half shafts and shims. NOS emergency brake cable found, installed and properly adjusted for most confidence. The steering, column shift, overdrive and transmission are precise, as expected. Chassis is fully greased. Rolling and floating above it all like a Macy’s parade balloon, this car is still as impressively smooth as Packard’s historic Straight-Eight reputation. FUEL The four-barrel Carter carburetor is rebuilt, the gas tank cleaned and sealed, hung on new straps. An auxiliary, in-line pulse pump is installed to back up the new engine-mount pump by toggle-switch. A new muffler and exhaust vent an aromatic spring of hi-test Jean Naté. CUSTOMER DESIGNED AND ACCESSORIZED, PACKARD ENGINEERING APPROVED. In addition to the modest factory specified R-9 overdrive and fresh air heater/defroster, this car includes the following installed factory options and dealer accessories: EXTERIOR OPTIONS: - Cormorant bonnet ornament - Front auxiliary bumper guard - Dual clear road lights - Front bumper license plate holder - Door-mounted rear view mirror set - Radio antenna - White wall tires - Stainless trim rings - Enamel hubcap medallions - Rear fender skirts - Rear fender, gasoline tank fill door guard - Dual clear back-up lights, ( 24th series ) - Exhaust pipe extension tip INTERIOR OPTIONS: - Visor mounted, service record vanity mirror - Compass - Floor mats - Accelerator wear pad - Supplemental dash control light bar - Radio blank plate - Courtesy lights - Cigarette lighter, ashtray and emergency light - Turn signals - Trip odometer - Clock - Original bumper jack, base and lug wrench ENGINE COMPARTMENT OPTIONS: -Firewall mounted auxiliary light -Oil filter canister -Oil bath air cleaner A STEAMER TRUNK OF EXTRA GOOD KIT AND CABOODLE. It’s so easy to appreciate where we’re going by having a look at where we’ve been. Ephemera, accessories and spares not installed, but included with sale: - Full key set for ignition, doors and glovebox ( not hatch ) - Owner’s manuals ( 22nd and 23rd series ) - Sales brochures particular to 1949 Station Sedan - The Golden Value of Motordom, Packard’s Golden Anniversary Full-line Dealer Album w/ booklets ( oversized binder, rare ) - Holiday Magazine, July 1948, featuring Station Sedan ad - Passenger door wood panel ( period damage exchange ) - Original horn button ( 30’s style enamel is installed ) - Period sun visor, unpainted - 1949 PA license plate matched set - License plate frame set ( mounted on matched 1949 CA plates ) - Life-like tone, push button AM tube radio - Electromatic clutch assembly - Assorted mechanical spares and touch-up paint - And to hold all the ephemera, a leather-clad 30’s/40’s era steamer wardrobe trunk as a posh reminder to this car’s intended duty. THE TRUTH ALWAYS LEAKS OUT. What chores are up ahead? The car is not asking for much more attention than what can be accomplished over another six pack or single-malt… I’ve got a fresh pinion seal to replace the one that is spotting up my floor. It’s not slinging, so no rush, no hurry. While underneath, the overdrive is asking for adjustment so the trans finds reverse every time when parked, still in overdrive. The new temp sender in the head occasionally sends a false reading to the gauge. I’ve been thinking about installing a nice new oil pressure / water temp gauge cluster discreetly under the dash for accurate touring purposes anyway. Overall, this car is in fine health and at the ready. A man can never be lost when he owns a car that reminds him of a little something to do. Preservation always requires a little responsibility. The big bugs of perpetual nuisance have already been stepped on and smacked dead by an open checkbook. A CURVE IS THE LOVELIEST DISTANCE BETWEEN HERE, AND THERE, THEN AND NOW. It is an absolute delight to share with the enthusiastic every time it’s parked, abruptly turning as many heads and dropped jaws along the way as a string of firecrackers! Children clamor. Seniors hustle. Texting parents snap shots. Its well-endowed, portly shape floats quietly past, a shape so out of context today, parading like a whale, breaching amidst a sea of square automotive appliances, computer-designed for obsolescence. Once docked, Packard’s thoughtful human touch is its inspiring marvel, magic and mystery. Admiring conversation follows in its wake constantly, like the wisp of smoke trailing Buck Rodgers across the sky… If interested, you are encouraged to slip behind the wheel, the chrome and buttercream timber for a drive. It still has the scent of grandmother’s parlor, without the crystal dish of wintergreen mints, and the Flite-Glo instrument panel has a glowing luminescence at night that radiates like a jar of fireflies blazing brightly in the back of our minds, while quietly parked roadside in an owner’s imagination and memory. CUTTING TO THE CHASE. As a sincerely appreciative Packard club member, sometimes a man’s favorite car is his next one, and Just Ask The Man Who Owns One too many. There just is never enough garage space. An embarrassment of riches, cars like this are hard to catch and even harder to release. Getting a jump on spring cleaning, I’m needing to say good buy. Forget the gold rings and turtle doves. True love in a new year can always be found in a two-ton Packard hung up in a pear tree. Located in suburban Philadelphia, fifteen minutes south of PHL International Airport, please contact me with any curiosities, memories or for more details. — TERMS OF SALE 1. Per the eBay User Agreement, by placing a bid you are entering into a legally binding contract and are committed to purchasing the vehicle described above. The details of this commitment are further outlined in the eBay User Agreement. 2. Vehicle may be sold prior to the end of the auction. I reserve the right to end the auction early, cancel bids solely at my discretion, change the reserve price and shall not be held liable for any of these actions. 3. The winning bidder is required to contact me within 48 hours after the close of the auction to finalize payment details and make a $1,000 non-refundable deposit. The deposit reserves the vehicle and removes it from the market. Full payment shall be made within 7 days of the close of auction, and I will help coordinate the loading of the vehicle with your carrier. Acceptable payment is PayPal or wire transfer for the deposit, and wire transfer for the balance of the purchase price. Title will be signed and overnighted only upon receipt of total payment. 4. I have represented this vehicle to the best of my ability. Prospective bidders are encouraged to request additional information, see the vehicle in person, or ask questions. 5. Vehicle is sold "AS IS" and with NO warranties expressed or implied.

Trim Station Sedan Wagon

Packard : Deluxe Eight Base 1948 packard deluxe eight base 4.7 l

Packard : Deluxe Eight Base 1948 packard deluxe eight base 4.7 l


New Castle, Delaware

Year 1948

Make Packard

Model Deluxe Eight

Category -

Mileage 84000

Posted Over 1 Month

Recently purchased and brought back to life after 40 years of sitting idle....the flathead 8 still purrs, the trans still shifts, the clutch isn't frozen, and yes it has brakes....Not the best, but they work! As does most of the electrical system{lights, guages}, still a 6 volt positive ground system, car is absolutely original and 99% complete right down to the bumper jack and hub cap with trim ring on the spare tire...Has s nice, straight body for it's age, does have rust as any east coast car will, but the worst is confined to floorboards..including trunk floor, but there is no reason why this car cannot go black again !! Interior is all there, upholstery is essentially shot but it's all there....Any trim missing in the pics I do have except for one section for the right quarter between the door and fender skirt.. Engine will start on 12 Volts{starter is tired}, fuel tank needs flushing...running off a separate container....The car is a candidate for full restoration, but is a great starting point, lots of potential....and it does have a clear title documenting the actual mileage at 84K! Car is being sold as is, guaranteed free of any leins or encumbrances, and I would ask that if you have questions or concerns, ask before you buy....Payment is due within 7 days, no paypal, storage is limited to 30 days....shipping is the buyers responsibility{payment and arrangements}, and I will gladly assist with loading.

Trim Base