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MG : MGA Coupe S1 MGA 1500 Coupe

MG : MGA Coupe S1 MGA 1500 Coupe "Barn Find"Project for Sale


Vancouver, British Columbia

Year 1958

Make MG

Model MGA

Category -

Mileage 40000

Posted Over 1 Month

MGA 1500 Coupe “Barn Find” Project for Sale Titled as 1958, The Vin registration # H_R4319542 is an Aug/56 build date before coupe production started Sept/56 with # 20671. The Body tag #__ implies a 1958 Coupe shell. The related verbal history [when purchased in Tucson Arizona in 2007 and moved and titled in Washington state] was that the car was a long time Tucson Arizona car and a restoration started in the mid 70’s. Starting with focus on a full running chassis, the drive train [engine, gear box, rear axle] frame, suspension, brakes etc being done. Some rocker and B pillar work was done on the body shell and then all sat behind closed doors in Tucson for some 30 years. We purchased and imported the coupe in 2009 to Vancouver BC Canada with all border importation documents, duty and taxes paid etc. The car arrived as a complete roller, minus front windshield/ front lower valance[since replaced with a fiberglass one purchased from Moss Motors] /door card upholstery material/LHS plywood floor panel and one seat frame/ VIN plate and any paperwork pre 1973. Also with the car came boxes of extra parts. /spare used wiring harness/used master cylinder/ front disk brake calipers [for conversion] and new panel pieces [rockers/ B pillars] etc We have the 1973 Arizona title papers [reaffirmed in 1975 document] ,the 2008 Washington State title and front and rear 2008 Washington license plates. Upon delivery to Vancouver, we pulled the plugs and oiled down the bores, hand rotated the engine, changed the oil, hooked up an oil pressure gauge under the bonnet, connected a half gallon container of fuel to the fuel pump and starter cranked the engine with cold crank spec #5. oil pressure showed on the gauge. The carbs were checked for fuel leaks [none]. fresh plugs were put in, the coil was hot wired and it started on the second crank rotation. Oil pressure registered max specs. The strobe timing was correct and the throttle response positive and smooth. cold compression test was equal in all 4 bores and no oil weeps from seals or gaskets. On the body shell, our panel beater finished the rocker panels and B pillar work, repaired the apron panel in front of the radiator, the panel cracks on the lower area of the rear valance and massaged a few minor dents and dings on the shell. The body shell, fenders,Alloy boot /bonnet/ and doors were then sent out for a full “granite grit” high volume, low pressure blasting. The body shell and fenders were then sprayed with “Bullet Primer”. The inner steel frames of the Alloy skinned doors, bonnet and boot were then sprayed with zinc chromate primer. These 4 pieces have absolutely no electrolysis and show as new. The chassis and parts were spray cleaned [hot water and Frank’s solution] and the previous rebuild inspected. The shell was set back on the chassis and the fenders rehung with a few bolts. The fenders are still in need of lower edge panel repairs at the A & B post areas and need dent repairs. There is no rust now in the shell with only some light pin holing on the trunk floor. The wire wheels appear very good with a few bent spokes. The tires are age dead. There is no spare. It has been sitting with no time to pay attention to it as other projects are being worked on. Pictures for viewing on Flickr call for link Any questions email [email protected] or call 1-778-239-7118.

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