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Lotus : Esprit tan Lotus Esprit Turbo 1990

Lotus : Esprit tan Lotus Esprit Turbo 1990


Washington, District Of Columbia

Year 1990

Make Lotus

Model Esprit

Category Coupe

Mileage 48000

Posted Over 1 Month

LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO SE (1990-1992) The Esprit Turbo SE is a further development of what is a very capable vehicle. The power of the Esprit Turbo SE is raised to 280 bhp with the use of a Lotus developed Chargecooler and and enhanced Engine Management System that uses six fuel injectors. Outwardly the Esprit Turbo SE sports a deeper front air dam and a rear wing. 0-60 times have fallen into the mid 4 second range and top speed is in excess of 165 mph. In 1991 three variations of this car were produced, the standard Turbo SE, the Jim Clark Special, and the X180R (the street version of the race car). "The Lotus Esprit is a two-door sports coupe. It is a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive car built for those who love speed and responsiveness. It corners tightly, accelerates rapidly, and is designed for maneuverability. A two-seater with very little storage space, this car was designed for speed and is best suited to driving enthusiasts with access to a track to test what this car can really do.

Trim tan