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Chevrolet : Corvette l46 1969 Corvette


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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BEFORE THE DETAILS OF CAR UNDERSTAND THIS IS A CASH SALE AND THE CAR MUST BE PICKED UP THREE DAYS FROM THE BIN OR CAR WILL BE RELISTED. A DEPOSIT OF $250 within 24 hours of BIN. PLEASE EMAIL FIRST IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN FIVE FEEDBACKS. The car slod two hours ago and the buyer had zero feedbacks and did not understand the terms. For sale is this 1969 Corvette. I bought the car yesterday Friday 25th at 10;30am. I paid $17,000 cash for the car. I bought the car in Monroe,N.C and the previous owner told me the car had fenders that were from the 1970 model year and that was the way some came from the factory late in 69 due to a strike and so on has he exclaimed. I had know idea before looking at the car on Craigslist and I did no research because I saw no problems for I wanted a car the was fairly nice and original color and a manual transmission. Before I got home I stopped at a car wash to rinse the car off and a guy approached asking about what year the car was inwhich I told him that the car was a 69. He looked dumb founded when I told him and he then told me that he had many many Corvettes since his first back in 1967. In then educated me on the car. The fenders are 70,grille is 70. I then went home and researched and could find no info to parallel the story the original owner gave me on the day of purchase. So I was deeply saddened that the collectibilty of the car had been destroyed. I have learned also since that tthe quarters are 1970 as well. The back piece must be 1969 because there are no holes for exhaust out the back and 1969 was the last year for side pipes. I looked underneath and the rear piece was never patched where exhaust could exit like on later than 69 models. The side exhaust looks original. The covers are metal and not fiberglass. Funny thing is this car was built on November 28th of 1969 so I don.t know. So this morning I backed the car out onto the road that runs by my house to photograph(as pictured) so I could resale at a discount. When I got back in the car to move back in the drive after photgraphing the shifter was stuck. I tried to get it unstuck and the car will not go completely in a gear. It is stuck in maybe four gear and you cannot get in in neutral. The transmission felt fine yesterday and shifted fine and clutch was tight. So the car is stuck in my drive. I live in Myrtle Beach and I know no one that can fix anything here not even my house. Myrtle Beach is okay to live at my but is the land of the lost when it comes to getting technical things done. If I were suicidal I would not be typing this now. This is a huge loss but I cannot take the strain of shipping this car a distance to pour more money in a car that has had its collectibility. Now to descibe the car. The paint is really nice and the body is excellent(no cracks & no seam issues). All the rear rubber was changed this past week and I have the receipts the previous owner gave me;He spent $800 replacing all the rear suspension rubber. The wheels were sandblasted and repainted. Also I have the original wheel rings. The tires are new and the receipt states they were purchased in march 2013 for $615. There a receipt for a new fuel pump,spark plugs,fuel filter. The bumpers look like new. The chrome license plate ring looks new. Embems look excellent. I preesure washed under the car and the car looks clean without damage as I can tell and not much corrosion. Headlights go up fine but one of them needs help coming down. The wiper door goes up only partially so the wipers will not kick in because the door is in the way. Oil pressur gauge & clock do not work;All other gauges work good and accurately. Engine runs great. I started the car this morning after sitting all night and with twoo pre pushs to the accelertaor the car fired up like it was fuel injected. The interior seems all original. The seats have no tears or damage as I can see. The carpet is very good also. The dash looks very nice with no cracks. The console is where all the interior problems are. First someone years ago installed a larger stereo and EQ. So the console needs replacing and the plates. If the console area is restored the interior would be 90% and show very well. The engine I was told has the correct heads and intake but the block was changed at some point. This car is a factory non air car. This Corvette is a L46 with the 350HP engine. The car shows really nice exterior wise and would show very well in the interior if someone restores the console area but the collectible aspect of the car is ruined due to the fenders and grille. Also the shifting most be fixed. I have the title the owners wife or girl friend signed off on. I never have signed(thank goodness) the back. I am not going to pay tax on this car and get it registered to me. Sink any more money in the car will just bury me deeper. This is a very sad day. I sold my 2007 Mustang GT Supercharged last week here on Ebay to buy this car and now I will have afraction of what I had in the Mustang. I wish someone would build a time machine. Check me feedback. Anyone can get 100% but just view the comments on my sales. $250 deposit within 24 hours of bin. Three days to pickup for I want it gone and where I can move on. call me at 843-808-2380 anytime