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Volvo : Other 1800ES 1973 volvo 1800 es

Volvo : Other 1800ES 1973 volvo 1800 es


Provo, Utah

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Many of you did follow the brisk bidding on this fine Volvo 1973 1800Es and from notes and call I know that someone is going to be very glad to see the 1800ES relisted. Please take time to read through the description and see many photos of exterior, chassis engine compartment and interior on flickr. Happily we are going back to Geneva, Switzerland to take up our old post in connection with the Human Rights Council. But, sadly, can’t bear to see this beauty go unattended. It was purchased by its immediate past owner in 2001 from a Florida restoration shop where it had sat for 20 years disassembled waiting its turn for restoration. When the previous owner discovered it, in its rust free project status he had some body restoration done in Florida including high-end painting of disassembled sheet metal and then he shipped everything back to his location in Michigan. He spent the next two years putting the car back together. Photos of the restoration have been carefully preserved and convey with the car. The engine was professionally overhauled and re-installed. I don't know the compression in each cylinder but as someone has asked, I will try to get that information Much of the understructure was powder coated at that time and new leather seats, headliner, dash, refurbished instruments, new interior vinyl rear seats and much more. When the car was brought to Michigan it had about 30,000 on the odometer and now has 67,832 miles. That is a very low mileage figure. The previous owner, an officer in America’s premier Volvo club, told me that he drove it a lot and enjoyed it a lot. It has been to three VCOA National Meets and several in Canada where it won a first and a second. Also won a first at Swedish Engineering (Ann Arbor) Car show in 2007. For the past twelve years the previous owner bought and disassembled then sold ten P1800 parts cars.When he found a better part he swapped it in his P1800ES and then sold off the inferior part. This P1800ES has the unusual distinction of being restored and cared for by an honest enthusiast/expert. However much you think this may matter, it matters more than that. British Racing Green over caramel leather (front seats) and vinyl upholstery, described by some as the best color combination. The beautiful paintwork is not new but on the other hand so well done and cared for that many observers think it is new. The new aluminum alloy 15X7 Panasport wheels look great on this car (the original steel wheels and trim are in perfect condition and are included) and the tires are new zero mile (195 65R15 Aspen Touring) freshly mounted and balanced. The glass is clear Volvo all-around. This example has the desirable four-speed manual with overdrive transmission for an ideal touring experience. The steering wheel is a new hand made addition from Moto-Lita and is a highly sought after addition. Again the original steering wheel is included in the sale. The engine is the high regarded Volvo B20 with Bosch fuel injection in its nicely presented in its immaculately detailed engine bay. The valve cover is finished in heavy show nickel plating that is richer in appearance than chrome. A comprehensive servicing was just completed in June 2013. All fluids, mechanical and electrical auxiliaries were also addressed at this time, all bushings were installed with stainless steel hardware, resulting in a superbly well-handling car. Incidentally the front-end suspension was rebuilt with parts from IPD. The front seat leather has been serviced by a leather care professional. The front bumper and passenger side view mirror were replated in heavy show chrome. The paint was entirely clayed by me using Griot Garage products and then waxed. Again, I had not expected to be selling this car. But quite unexpectedly we have been asked to return to Geneva, Switzerland where we spent two years recently working with the Human Rights Council of the United Nations. I have enjoyed a long international career but was looking forward to my retirement in the company of my wife and this Volvo. My wife is sticking by me but we don’t have a good place to store the Volvo and believe long-term storage would not be in its best interest. I hate to see it go. Body One professional repaint in British Racing Green No rust anywhere that I am aware of. Engine Recent tune up using Volvo parts. This was a thorough, comprehensive tune up that included belts, hoses, clamps, filters, etc. Trim and Bright Work The trim and chrome varies between new and excellent at one end of the scale to good and presentable at the other end. I had intended to redo everything, taking it to a true category 1 car. But it isn’t there yet. Not far from it but definitely more work to be done. Included Original leather luggage straps. These are almost impossible to find and I've never seen them offered in original condition. Owner’s manual, brochures, books on Volvos (several and new) and other paperwork. Four excellent quality original Volvo wheels Two new side view mirrors. The ones now on the car just aren’t up to standard. Original steering wheel in good condition Pricing This is an investment grade automobile. When I compare it to others on the market at prices exceeding my expectations (see Drivers Source for on such example) I believe my expectations are fair but the market test is the ultimate guide to value. How much difference is there and which is the better car? Using the Hagerty price guide, the general assessment of this car is somewhere between a Category #1 and Category #2 car—perhaps a little closer to #2 in the strict sense that it was a #1 car but has been driven. I am being quite strict here despite the fact that not many eBay sellers hold to this sort of assessment guide system. Before making your decision about buying this car you should have a look at the article just published last week in Hemmings, “THE $92,000 VOLVO: HAS THE VOLVO 1800 JUST EMERGED FROM ITS CULT-NICHE STATUS?” What will really catch your attention is how very similar this car is to the $92,000 example. Please don’t misunderstand me—I recognize the difference between an original and a restored car. This is the right model with good options and a nice upgrades. The price is lower than it should be with its excellent interior, good paint and straight rust-free body. These late cars make great drivers and have wider appeal than many Volvos and Saabs. Contact: My home office number is 1-801-818-158 and my mobile phone is 1-801-828-8704, Mountain Standard Time with calls answered form 8 am to 8 PM otherwise leave a message that will be promptly returned. Disclaimer: As you know classic vintage cars come with no warranty. I do not warrant this car in any way. I cannot be sure of the accuracy of the description even though I have done my best to be fair and objective. You should come to see it yourself or send a representative. It is sold as is and where is. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer although I am experienced and will be as helpful as I possibly can be. I am happy to receive a phone call but also do not mind email correspondence. As seller, I've made every effort to describe this vehicle as accurately as possible in its current condition. It is not feasible to mention every minor detail of the vehicle in this listing. However, I will provide any additional information and I encourage prospective buyers to ask any additional questions. Recently several interested buyers have pushed me hard to reveal the reserve price. There are several sides to the reserve story and I understand and respect the several viewpoints. Given that the current high bid is substantially below the reserve I am motivated to say something more about my expectations. At this point I cannot switch to a "buy it now/best offer" format. So somewhat obliquely but honestly I address the reserve question by making reference to another similar Volvo 1800ES currently for sale on Hemmings and Hymans ( You will note that this sale is not an auction and the asking price is $49,500. I invite you to study this car and compare it to mine. My Volvo can be purchased for somewhere between 15 thousand and 20 thousand dollars less than the Hemmings car. Is mine less valuable? Inferior in some way? Less original? Less well optioned? Does a blue over black color scheme rank superior to the green over caramel of my car? Currently the market value of excellent Volvo 1800 cars is in flux, a situation probably caused by the unexpected $92,000 auction sale of an original 1800ES a very short time ago (see Hemmings news). If you buy my car today, you might be lucky and sell it at substantial profit a year or even a few months from now. I, however, did not buy this car for for the purpose of a profitable resale. I feel I must sell it in order to move to the next phase of my life in Geneva. Thanks for your consideration of this beautiful green Volvo 1800ES. With apologies to Hyman LTD, for which I have high regard, let me direct you to their specific site. Hemmings is merely the advertisement media. Hyman is the owner of the comparison Volvo. Incidentally I think there blue 1972 Volvo 1800ES is a very good car and I hope they sell it for the full asking price. I believe the 1800s have been undervalued for some time and are about to take off. So please go to this site: and carefully look at all photos. I think you will agree it is a gorgeous car. Then please return to eBay or to the flickr photos ( I have posted. Compare everything--mileage, restoration quality, interior, paint, wheels (I have the same ones the Hyman car is wearing), tires, engine bay, and so forth. Thanks to all who have written and called. We are getting close to the end of the auction and I want to offer a little more incentive. With a touring car of this calibre you wouldn't want to put just any modern-looking suitcase in the back--just wouldn't look right. Therefore I will include a spectacular vintage leather suitcase in near perfect condition to the "buy it now" bidder. To show you just how nice this old case is, I have uploaded four photos of it on my flickr site. This case was used originally with my BMW Isetta a few years back and it is just spectacular. The inside is clean, complete and stain and odor free. It will make a perfect finishing touch for your first tour in the beautiful Volvo 1800ES.