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Pontiac : Other Safari 1956 pontiac safari wagons 4 and many extra parts

Pontiac : Other Safari 1956 pontiac safari wagons 4 and many extra parts


Nashua, Iowa

Year 1956

Make Pontiac

Model -

Category -

Mileage 9999

Posted Over 1 Month

SAFARI 1 - Almost rust free, very solid, was painted red, but should be white/blue, factory air with all parts, 316 v8 automatic, has standard brakes, and a clutch peddle ??? looks factory?? but I have never seen a Safari with a standard transmission, this did have a floor shift tranny at one time, now automatic. I have not taken the seat covers off, but seats look to be in good original condition, blue/white leather. I have the rest of the parts, chrome is in good driver condition, gas tank is clean, engine and engine bay is painted and looks great. This is a great car for an original restoration. SAFARI 2 - This was my driver before I found the red wagon, it has had new brake lines, brakes, fuel lines, Edelbrock carburetor, aluminum gas tank, then the master cylinder got hard so I started to work on the body. I put a new rocker on the driver side, and patched a rust spot in front of the wheel, along with some spots inside the body, I bought floor patch panels but never got them put in. Body is in good shape, but does need the patch panels put in. Seats need to be covered or redone. Firewall has been shaved of the heater and the holes filled, but could be put back to original with out too much work, I have the original parts. SAFARI 3 - This is an unmolested original wagon that need everything. Floors are bad, tire well bad, rockers and in front of wheel. I bought a good tire well, rockers, patch panels form door to the wheel well, and floors can be bought on ebay. Doors are in good shape, roof has a dent in the back by rear gate from a tree that fell on it, but the roof is not rusted. Engine is missing the heads and poor shape, I have another complete engine and tranny to go with this, should be rebuilt. Steering link was cut so steering wheel does not turn the wheels but it does roll and can be manually guided. SAFARI 4 - This one need complete restoration, body condition fair, doors no rust, some rust in floors, wheel well, glass is out. Seat frame for the front is there, back seat is in fair shape. Engine is shot, tranny is there, I do have a 400 Pontiac engine and a rebuilt turbo 350 that would go with if wanted. This one will be harder to load, the A arms and front suspension is missing. I have been buying and saving parts for these to rebuild when I retired, well that was 10 years ago and not much has been done, I need my garage back. I have been a Pontiac person and have owned 36 and 11 Safaris. I hate to let them go but it is time. There are 3 Safari titles and a 2 door title.