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Chrysler : 300 Series premium LETTER Series Chrysler 300

Chrysler : 300 Series premium LETTER Series Chrysler 300 "L"


Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Year 1965

Make Chrysler

Model 300 Series

Category -

Mileage 120000

Posted Over 1 Month

Imagine yourself going back in time to 1965. (If you could)Where Chrysler was on top and this car was touted as "The most beautiful Chrysler ever built."Except this is 2015- and this car is better than 1965. This 18mpg* car with either updated or rebuilt components is a joy to drive with a strong 413 C.I. engine with dual carburetors, a high performance engine, drivetrain and suspension. The road will seem like a joy to drive again as this luxury/sports car swallows the miles, and the stress seems to disappear. Relax though- because with this retro-radio conversion you are listening to your favorite MP3 player, or CD's through crisp Black Diamond speakers. You are going to want to enjoy every visceral feel of going back in time but with the modern "today" performance and stopping power to be enjoyed for many many years to come. This doesn't have to be imaginary. This can be your reality- at the low starting bid, you will be owning an investment that is sure to please, giving you a MOPAR buy-in to muscle car exclusivity at such a low price. Try getting a Super-Bee, Road-Runner, or GTX in this kind of condition at this price. If interested....keep reading! * Actual mileage may vary- but I have been getting 12-18 mpg. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rather than go into all the details about the car generally I will just list specifics. You can go online to Chrysler 300 club international, or just do a Wiki search for the information on exclusivity of the Chrysler 300 L. I am third owner of this car (I know the past history)This is #9 of 11 in Galen's Chrysler RegistryOriginal run- Just 2405 Made- this is a very limited car.Features of this car: Rebuilt 413 engine (w) 2x4 brl less than 10,000 miles ago. Synthetic oil every change sine. New motor mounts. (Life time supply of Royal Purple oil filters to winning bidder)New TTI exhaust and headers. Fit and finish are par none. These are simply the best.New AFB carbs- similar to 1958-1962 413's with dual quad set up.New engine air cleaner (custom) and new air filters (updated and custom fit by K&N Air)New batteryNew coilNew Electronic ignition, as well as regulator,ballast resistor and wires. New plugs as well.Steering pump and power steering unit is new.All suspension components are new- bushings, tie-rod ends, torsion bars, anti-sway bar and bushings and shocks as well as leaf springs.Late 90's paint in great shape and holding up very wellAll dash components have been restored and updated by Redline and RetroRadio. Cluster was re-stored, lights replaced and all gages work. (Speedo, fuel and alternator)RetroRadio installed allowing you full 'today' high performance listening experience with you MP3's, CD's and Am/Fm with the look of the original radio. Black Diamond speakers installed.All exterior trim work polishedBumpers re-chromed.Resto-Mods are now very popular. They have been on the up-rise for the past 10 years. But they are very expensive. They usually start around 90,000.00 and go north from there.They are an awesome way to enjoy an older car with all new components. This is NOT a resto-mod, but all drive train and interior components have been restored or replaced with respect to keeping the integrity of the car original. This car has been well cared for and meticulous maintained from me, with no intention to buy and flip cars. I have most receipts for work done. I am not a dealer but a private seller. While not concours restoration, nor even a restoration, this car is excellent for cruises, a driver and can score well at local shows. The 'C' body's in general, and letter cars in particular are starting to become more rare, and therefore will guarantee its future status as a collectible. While not PERFECT, this is an AUTHENTIC 1965 Chrysler 300 L Letter car with original color, numbers matching (more accurately for this year-period correct) engine, drive train (727 Torque-Flite with Sure Grip 3:23 gearing). The seats, roof-liner, carpet, door panels and dash are all original. The chrome bumpers, remote mirror, door handles and all trim is original, and is either re-chromed or polished. The car's authenticity has been documented by GTS services. New owner will receive:Proud ownership of exclusive Letter series club carReceipts of work doneOriginal Broad-cast sheetOriginal components removed from car; radio, hub caps, A/c and A/c pump and components, intake manifold, 4 brl carb, and unsilenced air cleaner. This is a hotter car than the Chrysler 300 sport series, limited "gentle Man's Hotrod" with 360. H.P., high lift cam and 470lbs of torque. Most impressive to me as a Mopar car guy for past 45+ years is how great this car runs- it is a beauty to drive, has plenty of H.P. (more realistic 405) good gas milage and stops on a dime with the 11" hemi brakes. The undercarriage on this car is stellar with no rust or any issues to be had. Absolutely stunning car. Not original, but with 65% original and potential of 80% with new components this is actually better. Now for the bad: 2 rips in the seats- both along seam. Driver's side glass on lower left has small scratches/ one small stone chip in window Picture of "300 emblem" shows a little rust spot that has not grown or stained since my purchase over 7 years ago. As well as paint bubble below driver's side door (rocker panel) Roof has a small blemish on drivers side. Passenger side near the Chrysler star shows some small cancer, but nothing major and is not growing either. Original steering wheel does come with car but has cracks in it. Small crack on dash behind the speedo. Collectibility: (from Wikipedia)"All original letter series cars are considered collectible, but the early years are much more desirable. The C-300 and 300B, being less tractable as road cars, are slightly cheaper than the subsequent years. The 300C through 300G are the most desirable.At an auction at the Robson Estate in Gainesville, Georgia on November 13, 2010, the sole 1960 300F convertible equipped with the factory 400 hp (298 kW) engine and the Pont-a-Mousson 4-speed sold for $437,250.00 The "L" car- being the last in the series will no doubt increase in value over the soon coming years. Paypal has recently changed their policies. eBay left paypal months ago. I have been an avid eBay member since 2002 with no issues, and have sold 12 vehicles on eBay since then using PayPal with no issues or troubles. ....Until recently! Had a very nervous bidder and the shenanigans (through paypal) drove him away.... Please no nervous bidders like the last looser! I will only accept down payment for all sales/ balance must be alternative method of payment. (Quickbooks, wire transfer, ect) I will consider trades- (For example: Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 in like value condition) but I have no cash to layout so please make sure it is even value. I will also entertain any reasonable offers- Know this however, I will not accept low offers. I know I am lower than the ball park- An "L" in very good mint condition sold at Mecum auction sold close to my starting bid but it needed updated items. (A/C didn't work, and the wheels were wrong) I also had my car at the Chrysler Nationals (PA) and 1 row down, about 8 cars in was a 66 Red Convertible- Non-Letter car, that sold for 23,000. So please consider these things before making an offer. I need to sell before winter. The "C" bodies are still very affordable because the B (Charger, Coronet, Road-Runner) bodies are getting more and more rare (as well as the E bodies- Cuda's and Challengers) while the value is going up and up. Same here in the next few years. Mark my words- these "C" bodies will become more scarce and these are quite possible the last entry into big value investment. This being a Letter car, and the last of the letter cars have sealed their proven value fate already as a collector in all the books on collecting. This will be the next wave of MOPARS! Watch and wait- and soon you won't be able to touch a car like this under 50,000.00 Don't wait!!! I am selling locally- and reserve the right to end the auction early. nervous bidders. I want this beauty into someone's loving arms before WINTER!!! Bid now at this low starting bid. Key Strokes: Mopar, mopar, GTX, Super-Bee, Road Runner, Coronet, Hemi, Charger, HEMI, 426, 413, 383, 426 Wedge, Max-Wedge, 440, 440 Six-Pak, 300 letter series, 330, 300-B, 300-C, 300-D, 300-F, 300-G, 300-H, 300-J, 300-K, 300-L, Street Rod, Resto-Mod, Chrysler 300, 392 Hemi, 355, 361, 361 Dual Quad, 361 Fire Power, 383 Dual Quad, Ram Air, 413 Ram, 413 Long Ram, 331, 354, 340, FirePower, Golden Lion, 413 Cubic Inch Wedge, 727 Torque-Flite, Facel-Vega, TorqueFlite, Newport, Virgil Exner, Carter AFB 3614S 4-barrel carburetor, Cross-Ram, Elwood Engel, Hurst, Hurst Performance, Chrysler RB engine. Plymouth Belvedere, Dodge, Sure_Grip.

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