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Austin Healey : Sprite Base 1960 Austin Healey Sprite Bugeye Frogeye x 2!


Chico, California

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Six years ago I bought this car as a father-son project from a fellow who knew nothing about cars. After correcting everything he did wrong, I have been driving my son around in it all the time with no issues. Now the car was painted some 15 years ago (would be my guess) and was done on the cheap. Its since seen some scratches, chips, dings. Its not a show car, is a driver. And that's what I've enjoyed about it. I can drive it to work, leave it in the parking lot all day and not worry. Mechanically, the car is solid. When I got it, it wasn't running because the previous owner didn't know how to set points. Duh. How about we just get rid of them and put in Pertronix, shall we? He also had a Weber DGV with the notorious flat spot off idle. Away it went and a Weber DCOE40 took its place. I also added a Maniflow header, 2" exhaust with a Magnaflow muffler, fixed the oil leaks (can you believe there is a British car that does NOT leak oil??), rebuilt the radiator, and some other minor things. Then came the wiring, which was a disaster, so a new Moss harness was wired up, and now everything gets the electricity it was supposed to. Brakes are disc up front, with new rotors, rubber lines, rebuilt master, new everything really except rear drums which were in fine shape. The 4 speed was swapped out for a Rivergate conversion with the Datsun 210 5 speed....overdrive rocks! Stiffer front springs were added that lowered the car an inch, so I got some lowering wedges for the rear as well to level it out. Shocks were rebuilt by Peter C. (if you know him, you know why these shocks are good). Gauges were repaired/rebuilt as necessary, seats restored, dash recovered, aluminum trim shined up. Now the car is a driver and could use stuff to make it super clean, like a better paint job, panel alignment, carpet, rechroming bits, etc. Depends on what you want it to be, but for me, it was intended to be a driver. Which leads to car #2...While the 1275 motor is peppy, I wanted to make something that was down right scary and show quality. I found a roller that was clean of any major cancer, and had just what was needed for a custom project....suspension, steering rack, column, wheels. I stripped it down, put $1500 of blasting/priming into it, and now its raw and ready for whatever. So with it is just what was mentioned, and all the parts need to be made pretty, as this roller was sitting in a barn for 20 years or so. Why am I get a toy that can carry the family. Its kinda silly to drive a two seater to an event with the rest of the family in the Mazda. So this is for both cars, all or nothing, empty my garage and shed of every bit and piece. And I do have this listed locally on Craigslist, so I have the right to cancel this at any moment.