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Dodge : Dart SE 2013 dodge dart

Dodge : Dart SE 2013 dodge dart


Alexandria, Virginia

Year 2013

Make Dodge

Model Dart

Category Sedan

Mileage 14500

Posted Over 1 Month

POWER, EAGLES, THE AMERICAN DREAM! This car embodies some of those things! Did you ever want your dashboard to make you feel like you're playing Need for Speed on your morning commute? Did you want something totally cooler but couldn't afford it? Then this car is for you! It's powerful and efficient with 2.0 liter inline four cylinder engine and a smooth six-speed automatic transmission. Experience all of the luxury of the 90's with power windows and door locks , remote keyless entry, and A/C. But step into the future with full Chrysler UConnect Bluetooth capabilities for phone calls, text messages and music playback, and an auto-dimming rear view mirror. It's a car that wants to be an Alfa Romeo Giulietta (they are built on the same chassis, after all) but totally screams America! It's built in Detroit so it can take a hit and keep on going. If you're looking for a four door sedan that doesn't completely destroy your cool image, then this car is for you!

Trim SE