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Cadillac : Other 1959 4 door hardtop restored and well documented

Cadillac : Other 1959 4 door hardtop restored and well documented


White Plains, Kentucky

Year 1959

Make Cadillac

Model 6229

Category -

Mileage 50000?

Posted Over 1 Month

This car was bought locally in Madisonville, Kentucky. Receipt included. It was traded in and bought by a local DJ named Jerry-o in 1999. The car was driven in parades, etc. Jerry-o was in the process of having the car restored, but decided to sell it because of illness. My husband bought the car just before Jerry-o passed away. Pictures of the restoration process will be included with the purchase of the car, My husband put the Caddy back together, and redid everything back to as original as possible. The 59 has been painted black instead of the original pink. The interior has been completely done, including the trunk. The car is sound and has never been left out in the elements for the past 10 years. Recently, after going over the car, (inactivity isn't the best thing for a car) my husband did the following: installed new master cylinder, new wheel cylinders, installed new gas tank and sending unit, new fuel pump and rebuilt the carb. On the air conditioner, he installed three new vacuum components, new dryer, and rebuilt the compressor. There was a small dent on the left front fender which he had fixed by a professional. We have documentation of all owners, pictures of before and after and some in between of restoration. There are several professional manuals that also go with the car. If you would like to know more about it, you can call evenings at (270) 676-3035 and talk to James Dunlap.